About Us

About Us

Our short but sweet story

SOOL is a young brand founded in 2008 with high development potential. Starting in Australia, it devotes to serve the global market. The story of SOOL is short but warm.

The founder, Charlie, observed his father’s engagement with surfboards manufacturing and sales since an early age, which was around 30 years ago. His father worked very hard, but always with plenty of happiness, which came from the recognition of his products and the satisfaction of customers. This experience has left an indelible impress on Charlie’s life. After that, Charlie graduated from university, then started up his own sports brand selling surfboards at the very beginning and later expanded into more sporting supplies. Making contributions to society is his belief.

Over the past few years, Charlie and his team sold products in market stalls and cooperate with sports shops and outlets to identify the real needs of customers. From root to fruit, Australian Spirit is inspiring the brand to grow.

Our commitment

We are committed to provide our customers with premium products and attentive service at all times. Our own factory production lines promise the highest quality. Various designs meet the needs of diverse customer groups. We always keep this value at the forefront of our mind: customers’ satisfaction is our ultimate pursuit. We are makers of sports suppliers. Moreover, we are outdoors sports-oriented creators offering a lifestyle service through which people feel passionate and happy.

Our Mission

We are a young and vibrant brand which is proud to be actively involved with various Australian charities and devoted to society. As the brand grows, we are putting more efforts into social responsibilities. We value environmental sustainability and use recyclable materials to bring our products to further afield.